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Conservation Alerts

PowerfulAdvice for Warm Weather

PowerfulAdvice is brought to you by the Public Utility Commission of Texas to educate and inform Texans about energy conservation. Efficient use of energy will lower your electricity bills and reduce the strain on the state's electric grid during the hot summer months. You will find no- or low-cost changes that will reduce your electricity consumption and resources to help you make energy efficient upgrades to your home.

Today's Alert:

Conservation Encouraged
Normal Conditions
  • Set air conditioning thermostats to 78° or higher and use fans to make it feel cooler. Close blinds or drapes on windows that get direct sun.
  • Turn off lights, computers, or other electrical equipment when not in use. Unplug appliances you don't use regularly.
  • Run your dishwasher and laundry equipment only when fully loaded.
  • Check out other no- or low-cost conservation tips and energy efficiency improvements you can make to your home by clicking on the links below.
  • Go to www.powertochoose.org to see if you can save money by switching to a lower cost retail electricity provider. Your choice of electric provider does not affect the reliability of your electric service, the frequency or duration of outages, or the time it will take to have your electric service restored if an outage occurs.

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