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Conservation Alerts

What to Do if an Electricity Emergency Is Declared

Prior to rolling outages, a public media appeal will be made for conservation and to alert customers the possibility that outages may be needed. During summer months, emergencies are most likely to occur during the peak usage hours of 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Customers can help avert rolling outages by taking the following steps:

Residential Customers

  1. Turn your thermostat up to at least 78° if you are at home or 85° if you are leaving home.
  2. Turn off all lighting and appliances that you are not using.
  3. Do not use hair dryers, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, irons, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, or any other non-essential electrical device until the emergency passes.
  4. Use a microwave or outdoor grill for cooking instead of an electric range/oven.
  5. Turn off your pool pump until the emergency passes.
  6. Avoid opening refrigerators or freezers more than necessary.
  7. Avoid unnecessary travel. Traffic signals may go out of service resulting in traffic jams.


  1. Turn off lights and computers in empty offices and conference rooms.
  2. Turn off all unnecessary appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerated water coolers, printers, scanners, copiers, monitors or other peripheral equipment.
  3. Reduce lighting to the minimum levels consistent with work needs, personal safety and security.
  4. Turn off monitors when not used.
  5. Turn up thermostat to at least 78°.
  6. Avoid using elevators. Take the stairs instead in case the power goes out.
  7. Avoid unnecessary travel. Traffic signals may go out of service resulting in traffic jams.

If rotating outages are ordered, they will be limited in duration to between 10 and 45 minutes unless equipment trips due to a power surge during the restoration process. Customers can minimize the chance that power surges will occur by turning off all appliances, lights, and other electrical equipment. Leave one task light on to determine when power has been restored.