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Notice of 2012 Customer Complaint and Enforcement Data and Request for Comments

Project 40872
Public Utility Commission of Texas
Public Notice of 2012 Summary of Customer Complaints and Enforecment Activities and Requests for Comments


As a part of its 2010 report on the PUC, the Sunset Advisory Commission adopted a management action recommending that the Commission publish, on a regular basis, more complaint and enforcement data on its website. The Sunset Commission also recommended that the public be given an opportunity to comment on this information. Linked below is summary information on enforcement actions and customer complaint data for fiscal year 2012. Staff intends to present this information for the Commissioners' review at the December 13, 2012 Open Meeting. Staff is requesting that any interested person who wants to comment on this information to file written comments in Project 40872 on or before November 30th.

Comments may be filed by submitting 16 copies to the Commission's Filing Clerk, Public Utility Commission of Texas, 1701 North Congress Avenue, P.O. Box 13326, Austin, Texas 78711-3326 no later than Friday, November 30, 2012. All comments should reference Project Number 40872.

Questions concerning this notice should be referred to Thomas S. Hunter, Special Counsel, 512-936-7280. Hearing and speech-impaired individuals with text telephones (TTY) may contact the commission at 512-936-7136.