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Significant Changes to the Public Utility Commission of Texas' Website

With the launch of the new PUC website, you will find many changes to how the PUC presents certain information. Listed below are the changes with the most impact.

Site Structure Changes
The PUC website (www.puc.state.tx.us) structure has been totally revamped. Any links to the former PUC site will no longer work. This excludes the Texas Electric Choice site (www.powertochoose.org) which will not be affected.
Google Site Search
Having Google search on the PUC website will be a great improvement. Please note that the search will continue to point to old PUC files until Google reindexes the new PUC site. This could take as long as a week or two.
Separate Sites for Consumer and Industry Information
The new PUC website has been divided into two separate sites. Website visitors can choose either the Consumer site or the Industry site directly from the new homepage. This makes the new site more user-friendly and specific information more easily found.
PUC Calendar
An expanded PUC Calendar is located on the home page. Users are now able to see all PUC events in a traditional calendar layout. Day, week, month, year, and list views are available. Details will link you to events and relevant attachments such as the Open Meeting Agenda. There is also an RSS feed available for the Calendar and for Open Meetings located in the Resources section of the website.
Open Meeting Broadcasts
The PUC Open Meeting Broadcast link can now be found on the homepage and on the Calendar page by locating this icon. View all the open meeting broadcasts
PUC Update
Has been eliminated and replaced by the PUC Calendar and RSS news feeds. All information previously in the PUC Update will still be available but will now appear in real-time presentations.
Telecommunications and Cable
Have been combined to form the Communications section. All forms, directories, reports, or other information that were previously found in each respective section are now located here.
Project Pages
We have collected all PUC projects into one area. They are organized in subsections by Electric, Communications, and Rulemaking.
PDF Documents
The PUC relies heavily on Adobe's PDF format for presenting reports, forms, and other documents. MS Word presentations have almost been completely eliminated, although project pages will continue to offer MS Word documents. The PUC will also offer all of our forms as PDF fillable forms. You can download a free Acrobat Reader here.
Control # Lookup
Filer users will now be able to search for Control Numbers using a new search feature found on the PUC Filings Search site. In the past, many users referenced the old PUC Updates to locate control numbers. This search feature should eliminate that need.
The Public Utility Commission of Texas plans on using Twitter to announce conservation alerts, energy outages, and other significant notices. Stay connected, and join us at: http://twitter.com/PUCTX.