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  • The Public Utility Regulatory Act (PURA) of 1999 includes in the list of customer rights the right to on-site distributed generation. The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) has adopted Substantive Rules §25.211 and §25.212 to address the technical and procedural aspects of interconnecting distributed generation. The PUCT has also developed a manual that includes information on the operational aspects and environmental treatment of distributed resources.

    The distributed generation manual is intended for use by utility engineers processing distributed generation interconnection applications and by persons considering or proposing the interconnection of distributed generation with a transmission and distribution utility (TDU). While every possible eventuality or circumstance cannot be anticipated, the procedures in this manual should cover most important issues or problems, including a process for prompt dispute resolution.

  • Are owners of distributed generation required to register? A person that owns electric generating facility rated at one megawatt (MW) or more and generates electricity that is not intended to be sold at wholesale must register as a self-generator. A person that owns an electric generating facility rated at one megawatt (MW) or more, does not own transmission or distribution facilities, and generates electricity that is intended to be sold at wholesale must register as a power-generation company.

  • When to File: A person that becomes subject to this section after September 1, 2000 must register on or before the first date of generating electricity. A person that owned a generating facility prior to September 1, 2000 was required to register before January 1, 2001.


Distributed Generation Manual


List of Distributed Generation Contact Persons in the Utilities

List of Approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL)

Annual Filing of Electric Utilities in Texas on Distributed Generations.

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Substantive Rule 25.211 - Interconnection of On-Site Distributed Generation (DG)

Substantive Rule 25.212 - Technical Requirements for Interconnection and Parallel Operation of On-Site Distributed Generation

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