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Confidential Filings

Check List for Submitting Confidential Materials to the PUC

Submit two required copies of the confidential materials in two separate 10 X 13 clasp envelopes.

Confidential Label can be retrieved from our website Under Rules & Regulations-Procedural Rules 22.71(d)

The Form fields are as follows:

  • Include Docket/Project Number. If this is a new case this line is to be left blank.

  • Style - to get the correct wording on the Style go to: http://interchange.puc.state.tx.us/WebApp/Interchange/application/dbapps/login/pgLogin.asp

    Click on "Login"

    In the "Control Number" box, type in the Docket Number, click on "Search Now". On the next page at the top of the entries Item #1 is the "Style" as assigned by Central Records. Paste and copy as listed.

  • In the Brief Description of Contents state the specific information that is being submitted as confidential. Please note if disk or CD is enclosed.

  • Bate Stamp - Indicate the page numbering sequence.

Additional Requirements:

  • Tape down Label (to the front of the envelopes) along all edges to keep it from being ripped or torn in handling.
  • Pages must be numbered sequentially.
  • 10 or more pages should be double sided.
  • Staple pages or insert in pressboard folder.
  • If more than 200 numbered pages please submit in separate envelopes.
  • Mark each page "Confidential".
  • Only Confidential pages are to be submitted in envelopes.

Central Records
Public Utility Commission of Texas
1701 N. Congress Ave.
PO Box 13326
Austin, TX 78711-3326

**A reminder that if Procedural Rule §22.71(d) is not followed, the confidential materials will be rejected, along with any accompanying documents**