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Central Records Filing Procedures

All Filings:

All filings regardless of their size and number of copies must be sent to the following address for processing per §22.71(b):

Mailing Address:

Public Utility Commission of Texas
Central Records
1701 N Congress PO Box 13326
Austin, Texas 78711-3326

Shipping / Overnight Delivery Address:

Public Utility Commission of Texas
Central Records
1701 N Congress, Suite 8-100
Austin, Texas 78701

Any filing consisting of more than 10 pages must be filed electronically per PUC Procedural Rule §22.72(h).

Every filing must include one copy (not the original) unbound and numbered from start to finish per §22.72(g)(2).

The following is a listing per filing type relating to the number of copies that need to be submitted for filing per §22.71(c):


Applications, Petitions, Formal Complaints - 10 copies w/SOAH # 11 copies. This includes Motions to strike, Motion to intervene, Objections to RFIs, Statement of position, Price to beat, Motion to compel, Response to an order, Comments on.., Proceedings and Compliance

Other Documents Addressed to the Commissioners - 19 Copies, w/SOAH # 20 Copies. This includes Exceptions, Replies, Interim Appeals, Request for Oral Argument, Proposal for Decision (PFD), Motion for Rehearing

Any Interconnection Agreements (Arbitration) - 10 Copies

Interconnection Agreements (new cases & amendments) - 3 Copies

Rulemaking - 16 Copies

Waiver to a rule - 10 copies

Testimony & Briefs - 11 Copies w/SOAH # 13 Copies

Change of Rates, Fuel Factor, Price to Beat & Fuel Reconciliation Pkgs - 11 Copies.

Affidavits - 10 Copies

ELC's - 10 Copies


Aggregator - 7 Copies

Power Generating (Self Generator) - 7 Copies

Renewable Energy - 7 Copies

Wholesale Power Marketer - 4 Copies

Payphone Providers - 4 Copies

ADAD's - 4 Copies


SPCOA & COA (New Applications) 7 Copies

Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) - 7 Copies

Retail Electric Provider (REP) - 7 Copies

Sale, Transfer, Mergers - 7 Copies


Request for Information - 5 Copies

Response to RFI's - 4 Copies


New Cases (Regular or Compliance) - 6 Copies

Related to Docket Proceedings (Order) (Clean Tariffs) - 10 Copies

IXC's, SPCOA & COA (Tariff or Price List, Promotions) - 4 Copies

Reports or Annual Reports:

REP's Annual Report - 4 Copies

Aggregators Annual Report - 4 Copies

REP's & Aggregators (Updates/Contact Information) - 4 Copies

Confidential per §22.71(d):

Must be in a 10x13 manila envelope - 2 Copies

Please do not file confidential materials electronically as they should be mailed or hand-delivered.

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