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Project #24116

Implementation of System Benefit Fund

Setting the System Benefit Fund Fee and Low-Income Discount (Project #28073)


Project 24116 was set up to implement the programs mandated under the System Benefit Fund, including enrollment into the discount program by the Low Income Discount Administrator (LIDA). See also related: Projects No. 21187 and 22429.

Project 28073 was set up to file the proceedings to set the System Benefit Fund Fee and Low-Income Discount. All filings related to these issues are located only in project 28073.

Staff Assigned
Jay Stone

Documents Available

Discount Factors

Timeline of Commission Approved Changes

Low-Income Discount Rates

System Benefit Fund Fee Monthly Report Form and REP Online Reimbursement Procedures

The Commission has approved a form for Transmission and Distribution Utilities to report information relating to the System Benefit Fund and an online Retail Electric Providers reimbursement procedure.

REP Reimbursement Procedures

Online Reimbursement Login

- Reimbursement of Low-Income Discounts

Transmission & Distribution Utility - MSWord (.doc)

- System Benefit Fund Monthly Remittance Report

Order System Benefit Fund for FY 2002 - MSWord (.doc)

LIDA Processing Due Dates

Electric Discount Processing Schedule - FY 2014

Project Archive