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Project #32853

Evaluation of Demand-Response Programs in the Competitive Electric Market


The purpose of this project is to evaluate potential demand-response programs and identify promising programs in the ERCOT markets that could be considered by the Commission for further actions. The Commission in its Order in Docket No. 31540, Proceeding to Consider Protocols to Implement a Nodal Market in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas Pursuant to PUC SUBST R. 25.501, recognized that participation by loads is beneficial to the wholesale and retail markets and should be encouraged. The order directed that a separate project be implemented to examine and encourage load participation in the ERCOT markets and new nodal market.

Commission staff will be evaluating load participation in both the current zonal market and the upcoming nodal market and will make recommendations to the commission on the basis of these evaluations.

Commission staff will host several workshops in this project. The first workshop will be on September 15, 2006 beginning at 9:30 am. The workshop will be held at 1701 N. Congress, Austin, TX, 78711 in Room 1-111. Two additional workshops will be held October 2 and October 3, 2006.

Team Leader
Shawnee Claiborn-Pinto, Retail Market Oversight

Staff Assigned
Parviz Adib, Wholesale Market Oversight
Mohammed Ally, Infrastructure Reliability
Adrianne Brandt, Retail Market Oversight
Theresa Gross, Retail Market Oversight
Danielle Jaussaud, Wholesale Market Oversight
Eric Schubert, Wholesale Market Oversight
Christine Wright, Retail Market Oversight

Documents Available

Dr. Eric Woychik - White Paper - "Capacity" for the Energy Only Market - MSWord (.doc)

Workshop Presentations - January 30, 2007

Exploring Aggregated Demand Response Solutions In ERCOT Markets - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Successful Demand Response: Perspectives from System Operators and C&I End-Use Customers

Exploring Aggregated Demand Response Solutions In ERCOT Markets

Workshop Presentations - January 29-30, 2007

Load Participation in the ERCOT Nodal Market - Redline - 01/19/07 - MSWord (.doc)

Price Elasticity of Demand in Current Zonal Market - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Limitations on Load Participation in the Future Nodal Market - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Workshop Presentations - December 8, 2006

ERCOT - Balancing Up Load and Controllable Load Update - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

ERCOT - LaaR Response During 2006 System Deployments - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

ERCOT - Status of LaaR Participation in RPRS - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Floyd Trefney, Reliant Energy - Balancing Up Load - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Workshop Presentations - October 2 & 3, 2006

ERCOT Emergency Interruptible Load Program - Kent Saathoff - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

ERCOT Emergency Load Response - Alice Jackson - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Proposed Rule - Mark Smith - MSWord (.doc)

Workshop Presentations - September 15, 2006

Alice Jackson Presentation - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Brian Lloyd Presentation - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Shawnee Claiborn-Pinto Presentation - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

ERCOT Presentation - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

EnerNOC Presentation - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Anoush Farhangi Presntation - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Eric Woychik Presentation - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Floyd Trefney Presentation - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Mark Smith Presentation - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Mary Anne Brelinsky Presentation - MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

Michael Cozzi Presentation

Jay Zarnikau Presentation- MSPowerPoint (.ppt)

WorkShop Agenda - 09/15/06 - MSWord (.doc)

Public Notice of Workshop on Demand-Response Programs in the ERCOT Market - MSWord (.doc)