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Project 38808

Project to Evaluate the Direct Assignment of Costs for Wholesale Classes in the Oncor Service Area


This project has been opened by staff to collect information to assist the Commission in possibly implementing a rulemaking proceeding to codify the direct assignment of distribution costs to wholesale customers in Oncor's service area.

Project Schedule:

Because no statutory deadline exists that is associated with this project, the Commission will endeavor to address it as quickly as possible, but it could be delayed due to resources being expended on other, more critical priorities.

On December 20, 2010, Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC filed at the Commission a wholesale customer direct assignment study in compliance with Ordering Paragraph No. 6 in the Commission's Order on Rehearing dated November 30, 2009 in P.U.C. Docket No. 35717, Application of Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC for Authority to Change Rates. Commission staff has reviewed the filing and will commence a workshop in the not-too-distant future for interested participants to address several questions the filing has raised.

Team Leaders:

Rate Regulation: Rich Lain, 512-936-7454
Legal: Brennan Foley, 512-936-7163

Staff Assigned:

William Abbott, Kristin Cavin, Brian Murphy

Documents Available

Wholesale Customer Direcet Assignment Study