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Project 40000

Commission Proceeding to Ensure Resource Adequacy in Texas


This project will look at factors that may affect ERCOT market resources and ensure resource adequacy in the ERCOT region.

Project Lead

Mark Bryant

Project Coordinator

Julia Harvey

Staff Assigned

Mark Bryant, Jason Haas, Julia Harvey

Documents Available

June 25, 2013, Report on ORDC B+ Economic Equilibrium Planning Reserve Margin - Filing #429
June 18, 2013, Estimating the Value of Lost Load: Briefing paper prepared for ERCOT by LEI - Filing #427
May 17, 2013, Impact Analysis regarding the proposal to improve real-time scarcity pricing through implementation of an Operating Reserve Demand Curve (ORDC) - Filing #406
March 28, 2013, ERCOT Back Cast of Interim Solution B+ - Filing #392
June 1, 2012, ERCOT Investment Incentives and Resource Adequacy - Filing #178 | 1-49 |50-99 | 100-141

Additional Information Available

Central Records filings are available here
ERCOT reports and presentations are available online here