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Project 41172

Staff Monitoring of Final Releases for the Joint TDU Web Portal


The purpose of this project is to finalize and build the remaining functionality for Smart Meter Texas website. www.smartmetertexas.com

Staff Assigned:

Christine Wright

Smart Meter Texas Support Contacts

Jay Foliano

Andrea O'Flaherty

Documents Available

Updated third party Design
3rd Party Business Processes Storyboard v7.0
3rd Party Navigation Deck Version 2

Web Meeting - May 23, 2014
SMT DO May 23,2014

Web Meeting - April 25, 2014
SMT DO April 25,2014

Web Meeting - March 7, 2014
Third-Party Update to SMT DO

Web Meeting - January 2014 - Canceled Due to Inclement Weather
SMT DO January 24, 2014

Web Meeting - December 20, 2013
SMT DO December 20, 2013

Web Meeting - November 11, 2013
SMT JDOA 3rd Party Status Update

Meeting - March 5-6, 2013
3rd Party Design Notes | MSWord (.doc)
3rd Party Navigation Deck V2.1 | MS PowerPoint (.ppt)
3rd Party Technical Design V6.4 | MS PowerPoint (.ppt) Smart Meter Texas Development Oversight (SMTDO)