Public Utility Commission of Texas

Project #48337

Rulemaking to Amend 16 §TAC 25.45 to provide for a LILA Opt-In Process


The purpose of this rulemaking is to provide a process for a Retail Electric Provider (REP) to request development of a list of low-income customers. This proposed amendment continues implementation of Senate Bill 1976 of the 85th Regular Legislative Session, which provides that the commission may not submit a request to the Health and Human Services Commission to develop a list of low-income electric customers unless the commission receives a request from one or more REPs not later than July 31 of the previous fiscal year, and each REP that submits a request to the commission agrees to reimburse the commission for the cost of the development of the list.

Staff Assigned

Jay Stone
Finance & Administration Division

Rustin Tawater
Legal Division

Diana Zake
Competitive Markets Division

Project Schedule

The proposed rule will be published in the Texas Register on February 8, 2019;
Comments are due March 10, 2019, and reply comments are due March 25, 2019.

Documents Available

Proposal for Publication of Amendment to §25.45 as Approved at the January 17, 2019 Open Meeting