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Project #38578

Amendments to Energy Efficiency Rules and Templates

Staff Assigned
Katie Rich, Infrastructure and Reliability

Energy Efficiency Implementation Meetings

EEIP Meeting - November 27, 2012



  1. Jim Kapsis and Jim Campbell, Opower
  2. Steve Jones and Nick Conklin, Mitsubishi Electric (.ppt)
  3. Louis Bartlett, PECI | MS PowerPoint (.ppt)
  4. Ed Reyes, Comverge | MS PowerPoint (.ppt)
  5. Chris Ashley and Jeremy Eves, EnerNOC
  6. Marc Gilmour, MotorWise | MS PowerPoint (.ppt)
  7. Dave Oberholzer, Earth Networks
  8. Guy Frankenfield, TESA
  9. Doug Lewin, SPEER
  10. Kyle Hemmi, CLEAResult | MS PowerPoint (.ppt)
  11. Michael Repper, Levior Energy | MS PowerPoint (.ppt)
  12. Larry Williams, Cara Daniels, and Michelle Blalock, Intelligent Illuminations | MS PowerPoint (.ppt)

Supporting Materials

  1. EMV for Behavior Based EE Programs (.zip)
  2. Mitsubishi PUCT Testimony (.pdf)
  3. Guideline for Vendor Presentations at EEIP Meetings

Avoided Cost of Capacity

Based on the Energy Information Administration's (EIA) Assumptions to the Annual Energy Outlook 2013, the base overnight cost of an advanced combustion turbine is $632 per kW. Since this amount is less than the $700 per kW threshold set forth in §25.181(d)(2)(A), the avoided cost of capacity will remain at $80 per kW for 2014.

Avoided Cost of Energy

As ERCOT's calculation of the avoided cost of energy shown below indicates, the 2014 avoided cost will be $0.04619 per kWh.

  Summer Winter Both
LZ_HOUSTON 55.78 27.66 45.47
LZ_NORTH 52.92 28.37 43.46
LZ_SOUTH 56.58 29.14 46.32
LZ_WEST 90.21 26.09 63.07
Total 57.38 28.03 46.19







Documents Available

HB 3693

Proposed Updates to Deemed Savings

2010 Program Results and 2011 Program Plans

Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Filings


PUC Report to the Texas Legislature Concerning Combined Heat and Power in Texas - Project Number 34934

Study of the Potential for Energy Efficiency Measures under PURA 39.905 - Project No. 35266

Estimation of Annual Reductions of NOx Emissions in ERCOT for the HB3693 Electricity Savings Goals - Project No. 35266

Independent Audit of the Texas Energy Efficiency Programs in 2003 and 2004 - Final Report - Project No. 30170

E M & V Reports

Texas PUC Statewide Annual Portfolio Report for 2013 Vol-1

Texas PUC Statewide Annual Portfolio Report for 2013 Vol-2

Texas Technical Reference Manual Version 1

Texas PUC Statewide Impact Evaluation Annual Portfolio Report for 2012