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Project #38675

Amendments to Customer Protection Rules Relating to Prepaid Service


The new rule addresses the requirements for a retail electric provider (REP) to offer a service whose normal billing arrangement provides for payment before the rendition of service (prepaid service).

Team Leader
Rebecca Reed

Staff Assigned

Christine Wright, Christine.Wright@puc.state.tx.us
Therese Harris, Therese.Harris@puc.state.tx.us
Grace Godines, Grace.Godines@puc.state.tx.us
Margaret Pemberton, Margaret.Pemberton@puc.state.tx.us

Project Schedule

Approval for Publication - Open Meeting - October 14, 2010
Texas Register publication date - October 29, 2010
Request for hearing - November 18, 2010
Comments due - November 29, 2010
Reply comments due - December 6, 2010
APA public hearing, if requested - December 1, 2010

Documents Available

Order Adopting Repeal of §25.498 and new §25.498 as Approved at the April 14, 2011 Open Meeting - MSWord

Proposal for Publication of Repeal of §25.498 and New §25.498 AS Approved at the October 14, 2010 Open Meeting - MSWord