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Project #39316

Rulemaking Proceeding to Amend PUC PROC. R. §22.183, Failure to Attend Hearing and Disposition by Default


The proposed amendment will allow the presiding officer to issue a default order if the party that does not bear the burden of proof fails to respond to the notice for an opportunity for hearing. Currently, §22.183 allows disposition by default only if a hearing is held and the party fails to appear for the hearing.

Staff Assigned

Jason Haas, Legal

Project Schedule

The adopted rule will be published in the Texas Register on September 23, 2011 and effective on September 28, 2011.

Documents Available

Order Adopting Amendment to §22.183 as Approved at the September 1, 2011 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)
Proposal for Publication of Amendment to §22.183 as Approved at the June 17, 2011 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)