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Project #39823

PUC Rulemaking Proceeding to Repeal Chapter 25 Substantive Rules that the Chapter 25 Review Found to be Obsolete


The Public Utility Commission of Texas (commission) proposes an amendment to §25.6 relating to Cost of Copies of Public Information, and the repeals of §25.87 relating to Distribution Unbundling Reports, §25.182 relating to Energy Efficiency Grant Program, and §25.185 relating to Energy Efficiency Program for Military Bases.

The amendment and repeals are consistent with the orders adopted following the Chapter 25 review that was required by the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), Texas Government Code §2001.039, which requires each state agency to review and readopt its rules every four years. The proposed amendment and repeals respond to orders under Project Number 37115, pertaining to the review of Subchapters A-G, and Project Number 37228, pertaining to the review of Subchapters H-J.

Staff Assigned

Scottie Aplin
Julie Black

Project Schedule

The adopted rules will be published in the Texas Register on June 8, 2012.
The effective date of the rules is June 12, 2012.

Documents Available

Order Adopting Repeal of §§25.87, 25.182, 25.185, and an Amendment to §25.6 as Approved at the May 18, 2012 Open Meeting - MS Word (.doc)

Proposal for Publication of Amendment to §25.6 and Repeals of §§25.87, 25.182 and 25.185 as Approved at the February 10, 2012 Open Meeting - MSWord (.doc)