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Project #40561

Rulemaking to Amend Subst. R. 26.418 Relating to Designation of Common Carriers as Eligible Telecommunications Carriers to Receive Federal Universal Service Funds


The proposed amendment will exclude commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) resellers from eligibility for designation by the commission as an eligible telecommunications carrier (ETC). Instead, a CMRS reseller will be able to seek designation as an ETC by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Staff Assigned

Brennan Foley, Attorney

Liz Kayser

Project Schedule

The adopted rule will be published on December 7, 2012 and effective on December 6, 2012.

Documents Available

Executive Director December 17th Letter to FCC

Order Adopting Amendment to §26.418 as Approved at the November 16, 2012 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)

Proposal for Publication of Amendment to §26.418 as Approved at the August 17, 2012 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)