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Project #41024

Rulemaking to Consider Amending Substantive Rule 26.412, relating to Lifeline Service Program and 26.413, relating to Link Up Service Program


The proposed rulemaking will clarify FCC changes to the Lifeline Service Program, Link Up Service Program and to update conforming changes.

Team Leader

Jay Stone, 512-936-7425, jay.stone@puc.texas.gov

Staff Assigned

Liz Kayser, 512-936-7390, liz.kayser@puc.texas.gov

Maria Faconti, 512-936-7235, maria.faconti@puc.texas.gov

Fred Goodwin, 512-936-7454, fred.goodwin@puc.texas.gov

Project Schedule

Rule will be published in the November 22, 2013 issue of the Texas Register and will be effective November 25, 2013.

Documents Available

Order Adopting Amendments to §26.412 and §26.413 as Approved at the October 25, 2013 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)
Proposal for Publication of Amendment to §26.412 and §26.413 as Approved at the August 9, 2013 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)
Strawman 1 26-412
Strawman 2 26-413