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Project #41608

Rulemaking to Amend Substantive Rules Relating to Telecommunications to Conform to PURA 56.023


PUC Chapter 26 Substantive Rules are being updated to conform to changes in PURA 56.023 brought about by S.B. 583 that was enacted during the 83rd Legislative Session.

Team Leader

Liz Kayser, 512-936-7390

Staff Assigned

A. J. Smullen, Legal, 512-936-7289

Project Schedule

The rule(s) will be published in the Texas Register on June 20, 2014;
Comments are due July 20, 2014; reply comments are due August 4, 2014.

Documents Available

Proposal for Publication of Amendment to §26.403 and §26.404 and New §26.405 as Approved at the May 30, 2014 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)

Friday, September 13, 2013
Public Notice of Workshop
Workshop Agenda