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Project #41612

Rulemaking to Amend PUC SUBST. R. §26.111 as Required by Provisions OF HB 1600 (83rd Regular Legislative Session) Relating to Certificate of Operating Authority (COA) and Service Provider Certificate of Operating Authority (SPCOA) Criteria


The proposed amendment will implement an annual renewal process for each holder of a COA and each holder of a SPCOA as required by Public Utility Regulatory Act (PURA) §52.1035 (Relating to the Renewal of Certain Certificates). Failure to comply with the renewal process for a COA or SPCOA will result in the COA or SPCOA being invalidated after the end of the automatic extension period.

Staff Assigned

Maria Faconti, Attorney

Gordon Van Sickle

Project Schedule

The adopted rules will be published in the Texas Register on April 4 and effective on April 7, 2014.

Documents Available

Order Adopting Amendment to §26.111 as Approved at the March 6, 2014 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)
Proposal for Publication of Amendment to §26.111 as Approved at the October 3, 2013 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)