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Project #41949

Rulemaking Proceeding to Amend PUC Subst. R. §25.363 Relating to ERCOT Budget and Fees


The proposed amendment modifies the commission substantive rule relating to the ERCOT budget process to conform to changes made by the Legislature in House Bill (HB) 1600. Additional amendments are being proposed to conform this rule with current procedures the commission utilizes when interacting with ERCOT regarding governance, budget, and fees. Further changes are being proposed to remove reference to Procedural Rule §22.252 which is being repealed in Project Number 42227. This rule is a competition rule subject to judicial review as specified in PURA §39.001(e).

Staff Assigned

Daryl Tietjen

Slade Cutter

Maria Faconti

Project Schedule

The adopted rule will be published on July 11, 2014 and effective on July 15, 2014

Documents Available

Order Adopting Amendment To §25.363 as Approved at the June 20, 2014 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)
Proposal for Publication of Amendments to §25.363 as Approved at the March 27, 2014 Open Meeting | MSWord (.doc)