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Vendor Notifications

June 1, 2009

On vouchers authorizing the purchase of more than one item, customers can only apply the value allotted per item, as established by DARS/DHHS, to purchase one of each device type specified.

The current system is to reimburse the cost of the device up to the total value of the voucher, allowing customers in receipt of vouchers authorizing the purchase of multiple devices to apply the value allotted for a secondary item towards the purchase of a higher priced primary item. (Example - a voucher specifies "amplified phone may include ring signaler" with the primary device being an amplified phone valued at $180 and the secondary device being a ring signaler valued at $50 with a total voucher value of $230. Once implemented, this voucher recipient is only allowed to apply up to $180 towards the purchase of an amplified phone and up to $50 towards the purchase of a ring signaler.)

May 1, 2009

Vendors can no longer submit copies of exchanged vouchers for reimbursement. If the correct yellow voucher copy gets lost in the mail, the vendor may make a copy of the pink vendor copy and send the original pink voucher in for reimbursement retaining the copy of the pink voucher for their records. Any vendor needing to submit the pink copy for reimbursement is strongly advised to send it certified mail (or some method which can track the whereabouts of the voucher in route) in order to avoid another misdirected voucher as a copy of the voucher will not be reimbursed.