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CLEC - Competitive Local Exchange Carriers


When the FCC deregulated the local exchange market in the Telecommunications Act of 1996, it opened local exchange service to competition. The Commission created two new categories of certification called the COA - Certificate of Operating Authority and the SPCOA - Service Provider Certificate of Operating Authority.

Who Should File: Any utility/company that intends to provide local exchange telephone service, basic local telecommunications service, or switched access service to customers besides itself must obtain certification from this Commission. Any utility/company that currently holds a COA or SPCOA and requests changes to the existing certification.

When to File: By law, PURA (Public Utility Regulatory Act) §54.103(a) the Commission has 60 days in which to grant or deny certification, with extensions granted for show of good cause. The 60-day time limit begins with the filing of the COA & SPCOA Application. Amendments to certifications are processed using the same time line as new certifications.

Forms - Applications

COA & SPCOA Application Format - For New and Amendment Certifications

FAQ on COA & SPCOA Applications (Temporarily Unavailable) - Explanations to facilitate the filing of New and Amendment Applications

Annual Report - COA & SPCOA Annual Information Reporting - Login Required
COA & SPCOA Holders Annual Reporting Requirement.
Email if you have any questions.
The filing deadline begins January 1st and ends on April 30th of each year.

CTP Quarterly Reporting pursuant to HB 1777

Outage Information

HUB - Historically Underutilized Business

Workforce Diversity

Tariffs and Price Sheets

A CLEC shall file either a Tariff or Price Sheet before service begins. There is no approval process and there is no required format. Tariffs and Price Sheets are for "Informational Purposes" only. The Tariff or Price Sheet becomes active the day it is filed with Central Records. The Tariffs or Price Sheets shall be filed in Control Number 42242.

911 Information

Basic 9-1-1 Information

9-1-1 Remittance Information

9-1-1 Entity Contact Information

Certificated Companies

Competitive Local Exchange Carriers - clec.csv

Corrections to these lists: Please update your company contact information using the PUC Portal and either "COA & SPCOA Annual Report" or "Company Contacts", if later than annual report due date. Both are available in PUC Applications.

Rules - Statutes - Orders

Procedural Rule §22.71 - Filing of Pleadings, Documents and Other Materials.

Substantive Rule §26.89 - Information Regarding Rates and Services of Nondominant Carriers

Substantive Rule §26.111 - Standards for Granting SPCOAs

Substantive Rule §26.131 - CLEC-to-CLEC and CLEC-to-ILEC Migration Guidelines

Questions and Answers

Technical - Kenneth Ford at 512-936-7151 -

Financial - Stephen Mendoza at 512-936-7394 -

Tariffs/Price Sheets - Stephen Mendoza at 512-936-7394 -

Central Records at 512-936-7180