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ILEC - Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier


When the FCC deregulated the local exchange market in the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the existing local exchange carriers became known as the Incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs). ILECs are entities that hold a certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) as of September 01, 1975.

Who Should File: Any entity that held a CCN as of September 01, 1975 and is providing local exchange telephone service, basic local telecommunications service, or switched access service to customers besides itself. Any entity that currently holds a CCN and requests amendments to its existing certification.

When to File: PURA (Public Utility Regulatory Act) Chapter 54, Subchapter B., §54.053 (New or Amendment). The PUC must grant or deny a New or Amendment CCN filing within one year of the date of the filing, unless good cause is shown for exceeding one year.

Forms - Applications

ILEC Application to Introduce New or Modified Rates or Terms

ILEC (CCN) Application Format for New Certifications and Amendments

ILEC Annual Company Contact Report - Login Required

Migration Contact List

Migration Contact List - Excel

Reporting Requirements

Affiliated Activities Affiliated Activities Annual Report for CTUs

CTP Quarterly Reporting pursuant to HB 1777

Outage Report Requirement

HUB - Historically Underutilized Business

Workforce Diversity

Tariffs and Price Sheets

A ILEC shall file General Tariffs and Informational Tariffs using the filing format required by Substantive Rules 26.207 and 26.208. General Tariffs have a 35-day approval process and Informational Tariffs have a 10-day approval process. Each Tariff filing will receive a new docket number, which will be assigned by Central Records.

Registered Companies

Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers - ilec.csv

Corrections to these lists: Please update your company contact information using the PUC Portal and either "ILEC Annual Report" or "Company Contacts", if later than annual report due date. Both are available in PUC Applications.

Rules - Statutes - Orders

Substantive Rule §26.101 - Certification Criteria

Substantive Rule §26.131 - CLEC-to-CLEC and CLEC-to-ILEC Migration Guidelines

Questions and Answers

Technical - David Smithson at 512-936-7156 -

Financial - Diane Hopingardner at 512-936-7233 -

Tariffs/Price Sheets - Stephen Mendoza at 512-936-7394 -

Central Records at 512-936-7180