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PTSP - Pay Telephone Service Provider


When the FCC deregulated payphones in the Telecommunications Act of 1996, it opened the pay phone market to competition. Texas began registering pay phone providers the same year.

Who Should File: Any individual or company can become a pay phone provider by registering with the PUC in accordance with the applicable rules and statutes. See below. There is no fee to register.

When to File: Any individual or company wishing to become a pay phone provider must register with the PUC prior to providing pay phone service. The local telephone companies will not connect the pay phone unless the pay phone provider demonstrates proof of registration with the PUC.

Incomplete Applications: Incomplete applications will be rejected and returned to you. NOTE: Only two copies will be returned to you and two will remain as public record in our Central Records Division. You will still be required to re-submit 4 copies of the corrected application in its entirety to the Central Records Division.

Pay phone providers registered with the PUC are required to re-register their payphone(s) with the PUC by July 31st of each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Registration

Pay Telephone Service Provider New Registration Application

Annual Registration

Pay Telephone Service Provider Annual Online Re-Registration - Login Required
Pay Telephone Service Provider Annual Re-Registration Requirement due before July 31st of each year.
Email with any questions.

Registered Companies

Pay Telephones - pp.csv

Correction to these lists - please send a written notice to:
Filing Clerk, Public Utility Commission of Texas, 1701 North Congress, Room G-113, P. O. Box 13326, Austin, TX, 78711-3326.

Rules - Statutes - Orders

Substantive Rule §26.102 - Registration of Pay Telephone Service Providers

Substantive Rule §§26.341 - 26.347 - Subchapter N - Pay Telephone Service

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Fred Goodwin at 512-936-7454 or

James Kelsaw at 512-936-7338 or

Central Records at 512-936-7180