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Certification and Licensing

PM - Power Marketer Registration


A power marketer is an entity that becomes an owner of electric energy in Texas for the purpose of selling the electric energy at wholesale but does not own generation, transmission, or distribution facilities and does not have a certificated service area. 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §25.105 provides the requirements for Power Marketers.


Persons planning to buy or sell electric energy at wholesale in Texas are required to register as Power Marketers. A person must register as a Power Marketer before buying or selling energy at wholesale in Texas. Power Marketer must complete the Power Marketer Registration Form. The form must be filed in the annual project for Power Marketers. The 2024 Power Marketer project is 55988.

Registrations can be submitted online by filing the registration on the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) Interchange. The PUCT Interchange can be found at the following link:

Registration Renewals

Power Marketers are required to annually renew their registrations on or before November 1. Renewals must be completed on the Power Marketer Registration Form and filed in the annual project for Power Marketers. Power Marketers who do not file to renew their renewals will be removed from the list of active Power Marketers in the state of Texas.

Updates to Power Marketer Registration Information

Power Marketers are required to notify the Commission within 30 days of changes to any of the information previously reported. Notifications can be made by filing an amendment on the Power Marketer Registration Form in the annual project for Power Marketers.

Questions and Answers

Direct all questions regarding Power Marketers to Josephine Gonzalez and Grace Godines