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Project #23707

Activities Related to Reclamation of Thousand Blocks


This project encompasses activities related to the reclamation of thousands-blocks. These activities include, but are not limited to, extension and reclamation of thousands-blocks assigned in area codes where number pooling is underway. Additional information on national pooling can be found at:

Code extension and reclamation. Each month, carriers identified by The North American Numbering Administration (NANPA) as having delinquent Part 4s will receive a notice of expiration of the period for code activation from the Commission. To remove delinquent codes from the reclamation list, the carrier should mail ten copies of the Part 4 to the Commission's Central Records Division to be filed in Project No. 23707. If the required Part 4 is not filed on or before by its due date, the Part 4 will not be accepted by the NANPA. If a carrier needs to request an extension of time to bring a code or codes into service, ten copies of this request should be mailed to the Commission's Central Records Division and a new docket number will be assigned. The extension request should answer the questions contained in Sub. R. §26.375, Reclamation of Codes and Thousands-Blocks and Petitions for Extensions of Code and Thousands-Blocks.

Full codes are subject to the same reclamation procedures and also are eligible for extension requests under Project No. 23225.

Updating contact information: All carriers are asked to supply NANPA with a contact for reclamation activities and a contact list is provided the commission each month along with the reclamation list. If a contact changes or new contacts are added, carriers are asked that the new information be provided to the NANPA website by going to the NANPA web site: Click on Reclamation, then click on Change Reclamation Contact.

Return of Codes Designated Unavailable for Assignment (UA). These are the codes identified by NANPA as UA in the list of utilized codes posted on the NANPA website under Central Office Codes. The commission has scheduled a workshop on Wednesday, November 13, 2002 in Room Gee, beginning at 1:30 P.M. The workshop will consist primarily of a conference call facilitated by NANPA. Should the commission decide to consider UA numbers eligible for pooling that will be discussed at a later date.

Staff Assigned

Isabel Herrera (Oversight & Enforcement Division)

Alicia Maloy (Infrastructure & Reliability Division)

Reginald Tuvilla (Infrastructure & Reliability Division)

Documents Available

Letter to NANPA requesting the conference call in conjunction with the workshop