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Project #45757

Project to Simplify Class B Water and Sewer Rate Filing Package Form, Notice and Instructions for 1,200 or Less Connections


This project will create a new rate filing category and rate filing package consisting of forms, instructions, and notice for utilities with 1,200 or less connections. The new rate filing package is intended to streamline the rate filing process.

Staff Assigned

Janie Kohl, Water, 512-936-7158 (Lead)

Kennedy Meier, Legal, 512-936-7265

Debi Loockerman, Water, 512-936-7384

Heidi Graham, Water, 512-936-7139

Katherine Gross, Legal, 512-936-7277

Project Schedule

The Issuance of Strawman Proposal is planned for January 23, 2017; Comments on the Strawman Proposal are due from all Parties on February 23, 2017.

The Proposal for Publication at the Open Meeting is planned for March 30, 2017; The Proposal for Publication will be published in the Texas Register on April 14, 2017; Comments on Published Forms are due from all Parties on May 5, 2017.

The Proposal for Adoption at the Open Meeting is tentatively planned for June 22, 2017; The Proposal for Adoption will be published in the Texas Register on July 7, 2017.

Documents Available

Rulemaking Planner and Timeline