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Relay Texas

How Do I Get Billed?

There is no charge for using Relay Texas. However, you are responsible for paying for any long distance calls.

  • Texas law requires that the contracted carrier (Sprint) provide a 50 percent discount for in-state long distance calls made through Relay Texas. However, there is no required 50 percent discount for out-of-state long distance or international calls. (Note: The 50 percent discount is off the regular tariff long distance rates, not 50 percent off any special advertised rates or calling plans.)
  • Relay Texas users pay no set-up charges or fees for local calls and there is no limit on the number or length of calls a user may make. Relay Texas accepts direct dial, collect, person-to-person and any participating long distance company calls. Long distance calls can be discounted (50 percent) by the contract carrier. This discount will be off the regular rates, not already discounted rates.
  • When making a long distance call, it is up to you to tell the relay agent which long distance company you want to use. This is called Carrier of Choice (COC). If you do not state your preference, you will be billed by Sprint for the long distance charges.
  • Direct dial, collect, third party calls and some calling cards are accepted by Relay Texas. Tell the relay agent your billing choice.

Note: You may also put billing preference information in your Customer Database by contacting Sprint or filling out the Relay Texas Database Profile Form.