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The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) is the state agency responsible for economic regulation of Texas' electric, telecommunication, and water and wastewater utilities.

The PUCT oversees the state's competitive utility markets, implementing legislation and enforcing market rules that guarantee reliability and high-quality infrastructure, including oversight of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which runs the electric grid for 90% of Texas' power needs. Through rate regulation and consumer assistance, the PUCT ensures consumers across the state are treated fairly and receive the benefits of competitive markets.

  • The PUCT is led by five full-time Commissioners who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Texas Senate for six-year terms.
  • The Governor designates one commissioner to serve as Chairman. The commissioners select an executive director to manage the agency's staff and daily operations.
  • PUCT professional staff include generalists and specialists with experience in engineering, economics, law, finance, security and risk management, and public and government affairs.


  • The PUCT maintains economic regulatory authority and certain decision-making functions.
  • Each action taken by Commissioners is done quasi-judicially, based on evidence of record gathered in docketed proceedings.
  • PUCT Commissioners discuss and debate issues and cases before the PUCT openly and transparently during Open Meetings, which are open to the public and livestreamed. The open meeting schedule is available on

Intervenors can participate in proceedings at the PUCT.
  • Intervenors are parties directly affected by a particular issue and are full and active participants in the proceedings, often making legal arguments or filing testimony.
  • Members of the public can act as a protestor in a proceeding and file publicly available comments that can be reviewed by PUC Commissioners, staff and others following the issue.
  • There is an opportunity to provide public comment at each open meeting and in rulemaking projects.


Mission: We protect consumers, foster competition, and promote high quality infrastructure.Printable Overview


We protect consumers, foster competition, and promote high quality infrastructure.


Core regulatory functions implement the agency's policy goals, rules and strategies:

  • Rulemaking
  • Rate Regulation
  • Compliance and Enforcement
  • Oversight of Electric Reliability Council of Texas
  • Issue Certificates of Convenience & Necessity
  • Transmission Line Route Approval
  • Consumer Protection