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Cybersecurity News

The world of cybersecurity is a constantly shifting landscape of bad actors innovating to steal critical information or disable critical infrastructure as a way to tilt the balance of power, and most often, to extort money.


Cybersecurity Monitor

In May 2019, State Senate Bill 936 requiring the PUCT and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to foster a more collaborative, strategic approach identifying cybersecurity issues and finding areas to improve security measures across Texas's critical electric infrastructure was passed. As part of this process, a Cybersecurity Monitor (CSM) was selected to help gather and share information across the state. Paragon Systems was chosen to serve as the CSM for this program leveraging its experience and expertise in strategic planning and regulatory analysis to build a voluntary, non-regulatory outreach program to achieve these goals.

Reach out to the CSM with any questions at



Cybersecurity Resources


While the tactics employed by cyber criminals change constantly, the strategic posture adopted by the owners and managers of critical utility infrastructure are rooted in time-tested practices that improve the odds of thwarting an attack and losing control. This guide provides an overview of those practices.


Cybersecurity defense can be neither an afterthought or a half measure. Effective defense against intrusions must be conducted within established frameworks that are scalable and measurable. The following resources can help you choose the right framework and testing tools for your organization.


Fortunately, the organizations devoted to protecting critical infrastructure from attack are closely integrated and continually monitoring threats from around the globe.


We strongly encourage Texas utility industry participants to subscribe to the following alert systems to ensure they have access to real-time threat information.


Below is a list of information sharing websites that can help provide with the most up to date research and practices that take place throughout the nation.




Utility cybersecurity isn't just a business best practice, it's a matter of keen interest for the Texas Legislature. With each passing legislative session, and each advance in the skills of cyber criminals, Texas legislators are building a framework for critical infrastructure companies to follow. The two most critical laws governing CISRM and State Policy related to Cybersecurity are:


The federal government works closely with state-level agencies like ours to establish and disseminate cybersecurity guidelines for the protection of critical infrastructure. Companies are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the following



Emergency Management

Texas has essentially written the book on emergency management, creating a networked approach to disaster response integrating the public, private and military sectors in a way designed to minimize loss of life and accelerate recovery. Whether the threat is the weather, a cyber-attack or a pandemic, accurate information is critical for public safety. Report outages or emergency events affecting your utility to the PUC.



Stay connected

To ensure we can reach our counterpart at your utility company, please be sure to submit accurate contact information for our confidential database using the Emergency Contacts Form:

Emergency Contacts Form

Stay alert and Informed

When storms blow through Texas, flooding, power outages, and blocked roadways are commonplace. Further advisories and emergency changes may also come up as during emergency events. Be sure to bookmark the PUC Storm Resource site to monitor critical utility recovery efforts.