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I am on the No-Call List and am Receiving Unwanted Telephone Calls or Faxes.

No-Call List Questions

If you are unable to file your complaint online, please call our Customer Assistance toll-free number.

Under Texas law, telemarketers who call telephone numbers on the Texas No-Call List may be subject to penalty under the Texas Business and Commerce Code. Please be aware that some unwanted telephone call are not considered telephone solicitations and are allowed by law. For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Telemarketers receive an updated Texas No-Call List four times a year. Telemarketers must use the updated list within 60 days of receiving it.

To submit a complaint - All questions must be answered.

1 Have you placed your phone number on the Texas No-call list?
1a The list is published to telemarketers quarterly - Jan 1, April 1, July 1 and Oct 1. Has sixty days passed since the first publication of the list with your number on it?
(Ex: Registered Feb 1 - that list published April 1 + 60 days = June 1)
2 Have you or someone in your household asked the business to contact you or your household?
3 Have you or someone in your household purchased goods or services or had an established business relationship with the business within the past 12 months?
4 Was the call made by or on behalf of a charitable organization and the purpose of the call was not to solicit a consumer good or service?
5 Was the call made on behalf of a political candidate or ballot issue and the purpose of the call was not to solicit a consumer good or service?
6 Was the call a telephone survey or opinion poll made for the sole purpose of asking for your opinion? For example it did not encourage the purchase, rent of, or investment in goods or services?
7 Was the call made from a company attempting to collect a debt?
8 Was the call made by a state licensee (such as a real estate or insurance agent)? (if unknown select "No"
9 Was the purpose of the call to solicit a consumer good or service?
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