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Provider of Last Resort (POLR)

The Commission has designated Providers of Last Resort (POLR) as a back-up electric service provider in each area of Texas open to competition. POLR service is relatively high-priced, due to the costs associated with planning and the risk of serving an uncertain number of customers with uncertain electricity loads. POLR service is a safety net for customers whose chosen REP is unable to continue service. This service is intended to be temporary and used only under rare circumstances when a REP is unable to provide service, or when a customer requests POLR service.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) designates certificated REPs to provide POLR service for each customer class in each electric utility service area that is open to competition.

Non-Volunteer Provider of Last Resort Electricity Facts Labels (EFLs)

For 2023 - 2024 POLR Term

Click on the POLR link to view Service Area Rates.

The REP listed is the POLR responsible for providing the Electricity Facts Label. For a complete list of Designated Providers of Last Resort, view links below.

2023-2024 POLR Term

2021-2022 POLR Term

2019-2020 POLR Term