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Telephone Options


Most telecommunications providers are now offering packages of residential and business basic local service with long-distance services and bundling other services such as television service and high speed internet access with telephone service as one singular product bundle. Some bundles even offer wireless telephone service as a fourth item in the bundle.


What are the advantages of a bundle?

Generally speaking, intensified competition between the cable company and the telephone company has created the introduction of lower cost telecommunications and video service packages and a greater array of discounts for bundles of internet service, local and long distance phone service, video service, and even cellular telephone.

Bundled and packaged services provide residential and business customers with one stop shopping for all of their communications and video entertainment needs.

Significant discounts may be offered to bundle various groups of services.

What are some potential disadvantages of a bundle?

To experience the greatest possible discount with a bundle, you must usually agree to a one- or two-year commitment to all of the services in the bundle. Termination of this commitment before the expiration date may involve penalties.

Some subscribers do not like to "put all of their eggs in one basket." It could be possible that if one service is temporarily interrupted, all services in the bundle may be affected. Although month-to-month packages offer discounts on the individually priced services, the key to a "low" package price is a one- or two-year commitment.