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Administrative Approval

Telecom Cases Eligible for Administrative Approval
Pursuant to P.U.C. Proc. R. 22.35 *

  • Small LEC Rate Change
  • IntraLATA Equal Access Plans
  • Area Code Reclamation
  • Certificate of Convenience and Necessity, including name change
  • Depreciation/Amortization
  • Partial Deregulated Co-op Notice of Rate Change
  • Extended Area Service
  • Expanded Local Calling Scope
  • Eligible Telecommunications Carrier/Eligible Telecommunications Provider Designation
  • Franchise Taxes Passed Through to Ratepayers
  • Interconnection Agreements
  • Long-Run Incremental Cost Cases
  • NANPA Appeals
  • Reciprocity Cases
  • Service Provider Certificate of Operating Authority/Certificate of Operating Authority Applications, Including Name Changes
  • Tariffs-Telephone (Except Withdrawal of Service)
  • Waivers/Exemptions
  • Access Line Rates - Municipality using Statewide Average or Rates of a Similarly sized Municipality

* Eligibility for administrative approval does not guarantee processing in that manner. Any filing may be presented to the Commission in the form of a proposed order by decision of the administrative law judge.