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Market Directories - Communication Companies Serving Texas


Market Directories - Communication Companies Serving Texas
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Automatic Dial Announcing Devices - ADADs Alpha Numeric adad.xlsx adad.csv
This directory includes all companies permitted to use automatic dialing announcing devices in Texas. The PUC rules require that automatic dialing announcing device users be permitted by the PUC before they may use the device to dial in Texas.
Competitive Local Exchange Carriers - CLECs Alpha Numeric clec.xlsx
Competitive local exchange Carriers are nondominant telephone utilities that have been granted a Certificate of Operating Authority (COA) or a Service Provider Certificate of Operating Authority (SPCOA) to provide local service in Texas. Contact: Kenneth Ford,, 512-936-7151.
Expanded Local Calling (ELC)   elc.pdf elc.xls  
Expanded Local Calling (ELC) petitions filed with the PUCT. This spreadsheet does NOT represent every local calling plan in Texas as it does not include other local calling services such as Extended Area Service (EAS) or Extended Metropolitan Service (EMS) petitions. Please contact James Kelsaw,, 512-936-7338 with any questions.
Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers - ILECs Alpha Numeric ilec.xlsx ilec.csv
Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers are dominant telephone utilities that have been granted a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) to provide local services in Texas (carrier of last resort responsibilities). Contact: David Smithson 512-936-7156.
Interexchange Carriers - IXCs Alpha Numeric ixc.xlsx ixc.csv
Interexchange Carriers (IXCs) are companies who have registered with the Commission to provide long distance services in Texas. Contact: Kenneth Ford,, 512-936-7151.
Pay Phone Providers Alpha Numeric pp.xlsx pp.csv
This directory includes all pay phone providers that are currently registered to do business in Texas. The PUC rules require that pay telephone providers be officially registered with the PUC before a telephone company connects that provider's pay phone/s to the telephone network.
State-Issued Certificate of Franchise Authority - SICFA
SICFA By Company Alpha Numeric sicfa.xlsx sicfa.csv
SICFA By City sicfa_city.xlsx sicfa_city.csv
SICFA By County sicfa_county.xlsx sicfa_county.csv
Directory Inquiries: Kenneth Ford 512-936-7151 or email
Telecommunications Providers in Municipalities  
This directory is being provided to facilitate the identification of local telecommunications providers serving municipalities within the State of Texas. Not all municipalities are represented; only the ones for whom the Commission has the most current information on local service providers' activity.

Corrections and Updates to these Lists:

Substantive Rules §26.101, §26.107, §26.111 and §28.6 require that updates and changes to the contact information found in these lists (concerning contacts, phone numbers, addresses, emails etc.) be accomplished electronically through the ILEC, IXC, CLEC and SICFA Annual Reports.