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Municipal Right Of Way

Frequently Asked Questions - Municipal Access Line Reporting

I tried to report my lines, but the system would not let me.
The Municipal Access-Line Reporting System is "open" to report access lines 24/7/365. However, if you are attempting to report access lines either before the end of the current quarter, or beyond the expiration of 45 days after the last day of the quarter for which one is attempting to report, then the Municipal Access-Line Reporting System is "closed." To gain access to the Municipal Access-Line Reporting System in such situations, you must contact commission staff.
I did not know that I had to report access lines. Once I found out, I reported immediately. Therefore, since I did not know, my failure to timely report was accidental or inadvertent.
The statute requiring the reporting of access lines has been effective since September 1, 1999. Most, if not all, final orders approving a SPCOA, COA or an amendment to either of those certifications have contained a specific reference to the access line-reporting rules. Moreover, the commission regards one's ability to be knowledgeable about, and comply with, all regulatory requirements as indicative of one's technical qualifications to obtain/maintain certification.
I sent the PUC corrected address/contact information with my "annual report."
Updating contact information in the annual report does not automatically update the Commission's official contact information. That is one reason there are separate requirements for keeping your company's address/contact information updated in more than one place. Moreover, if the company had been reporting its access lines on the Municipal Access-Line Reporting System, then the company's address/contact information for that purpose would be "current" because that system requires the company to provide current contact information.
I had zero access lines, so I did not know I had to report.
Applicable law clearly requires every company to report, even if it had/has zero access lines.
I have not filed reports but I want to get in compliance with the Commission's rules. What is the process to get a login & password?
The company should send an email to: requesting assignment of a login and password. In addition to the company name and contact information, including telephone number, the email must include the first and last name of the company's authorized representative.
What is the process to gain access to the Municipal Access-Line Reporting System to previous quarters for filing reports after the quarter ends?

In order to file reports after the quarter ends, a written request for access to the Municipal Access-Line Reporting System must be made. The request should be mailed to:

ROW Administrator
Public Utility Commission of Texas
P.O. Box 13326
Austin, Texas 78711-3326

The written request must identify which quarters the request for access relate to and must provide a detailed explanation justifying the need to file or amend a report. Once the request has been reviewed, commission staff will contact the requestor by either phone or email.

Whose responsibility is it to keep the contact information current in the Municipal Access-Line Reporting System?
EACH municipality and CTP must keep the contact information current and file any changes in the required project number.