Public Utility Commission of Texas

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Power Line Inspection and Safety

The 86th Texas Legislature enacted House Bill 4150, effective September 1, 2019. The bill amended the Public Utility Regulatory Act (PURA) and, among other changes, added PURA §38.102. This new section created reporting requirements regarding power line inspection and safety for utilities, with a focus on clearances of power lines.

Under PURA §38.102, the Commission adopted new rule 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §25.97. This new rule became effective on March 5, 2020. Utilities are required to file up to three new reports, as discussed below: annual reports, five-year reports, and employee training reports.

Links: PURA §38.102, 16 TAC §25.97 and report filing instructions.

Click below for the reports:

Annual Reports

The annual line inspection and safety reports are required to be filed by all transmission and distribution utilities operating in Texas. Transmission lines have a voltage of 60,000 volts or more and distribution lines have voltages of less than 60,000 volts. Transmission utilities must report the existence of non-compliant vertical clearances on their systems, and both transmission and distribution utilities must report injuries and fatalities associated with non-compliance and the steps taken to prevent reocurrence in the future.

Line Inspection and Safety Annual Reports for 2019 filed in Project 50596 can be accessed here.

Line Inspection and Safety Annual Reports for 2020 - Project Number 51890 (filed by May 1, 2021)

The Annual Report Form is located here.

Five-Year Reports

Every five years a transmission utility must report the percentage of its transmission system that has been inspected for compliance with the National Electrical Safety Code's (NESC) requirements for vertical clearances. The transmission utility must also report the percentage of its system anticipated to be inspected in the next five-year period.

Current project number for five-year reports: 50594, which can be accessed here.

The Five-Year Report form is located here.

Training Reports

Transmission and distribution utilities are required to provide summaries of the training programs that they use to instruct personnel on hazard recognition and compliance with the clearance and construction requirements of the NESC. Instead of having a set filing period for reports subsequent to the original report, utilities are required to file updated reports within 30 days of changing their training programs.

Current project number for training reports: 50595, which can be accessed here.

The Training Report Form is located here.