Public Utility Commission of Texas

Transmission and Distribution Rates for Investor Owned Utilities

Tariffs for Service

Transmission and Distribution Utilities (TDUs) must offer access to their wires to all REPs on a non-discriminatory basis under standard terms and conditions adopted by the Commission.

These areas are open to full retail competition as of January 1, 2002, and these TDUs charge the below rates to REPs.

Tariffs will only be updated twice a year (after the March and September TCRF filings) except in the event of a Final Order in a major rate case. The Summary of Non-Bypassable Charges (linked below) will be updated more frequently, but not on any set schedule.

Compliance Docket - Utility

48401 - TNMP

46957 - Oncor Electric Delivery Company

35093 - AEP Texas Central Division

33310 - AEP Texas North Division

39591 - CenterPoint

The utility area below is not currently open to full retail competition. However, a pilot project will be ongoing until the Commission finds that the area is ready for full competition. The TDU will charge the below rates during the ongoing pilot project.

Effective for Extended Pilot Project

UCOS Compliance Docket - Utility

23924 - SWEPCO

Summary of Current Commission-Approved Charges for ERCOT TDUs
as of March 1, 2019.

Archived TDU Rates Summaries

SBF is not applicable during the extended Pilot Project for SWEPCO.