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Quarterly Retail Electric Service Bill Comparison for Residential Electric Service

The quarterly bills shown here represent the bills that will be charged in each month. Rates may be seasonal in nature (i.e., the rate charged in the summer is higher than that in the winter), and may also have different rates for different usage levels. As a result, the bills for other months may be higher or lower than the current month's bill.

In contrast, some competitive REPs charge a flat rate that does not change based on season or usage level. For comparison of average annual prices, go to Residential Rates.

This information is compiled by the Public Utility Commission of Texas from publicly available information from the Retail Electric Providers and PUC approved price to beat rates (through December 2006) using representative usage levels. Rates are calculated using the Commission Approved Residential Load Profile for each service area. The PUC makes no recommendation with respect to any REP. Although we believe these prices are accurate, the PUC makes no warranty that the prices in this table are currently being offered. Please contact the relevant REP for its current offers and terms of service. Information on how to select a REP and contact information for REPs is located at

The Quarterly Retail Electric Service Bill Comparison is updated quarterly.

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Quarterly Retail Electric Service Bill Comparison Archive