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Monthly Construction Progress Report (MCPR)

The Monthly Construction Progress Report (MCPR) summarizes information about the construction of transmission facilities regulated by the PUCT, and also includes the reports submitted by the individual utilities. Pursuant to PUCT Substantive Rule §25.101, each utility is required to submit its active projects status as set out in Substantive Rule §25.83. Reports must be submitted in a spreadsheet format (preferably MS Excel).

For more information, including an MCPR Form and MCPR Instructions, please refer to the Electric Forms section under "Transmission Construction" at

Please e-mail requests for additional information to

The Monthly Construction Progress Reports can be retrieved using the PUC Interchange.
The Control Number for each year are as follows:

Calendar Year Control Number

2004-2008 MCPR - Excel files (.xls)
Month 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004
January 0108mcpr.xls 0107mcpr.xls 0106mcpr.xls 0105mcpr.xls 0104mcpr.xls
February 0208mcpr.xls 0207mcpr.xls 0206mcpr.xls 0205mcpr.xls 0204mcpr.xls
March 0308mcpr.xls 0307mcpr.xls 0306mcpr.xls 0305mcpr.xls 0304mcpr.xls
April 0408mcpr.xls 0407mcpr.xls 0406mcpr.xls 0405mcpr.xls 0404mcpr.xls
May 0508mcpr.xls 0507mcpr.xls 0506mcpr.xls 0505mcpr.xls 0504mcpr.xls
June 0608mcpr.xls 0607mcpr.xls 0606mcpr.xls 0605mcpr.xls 0603mcpr.xls
July 0708mcpr.xls 0707mcpr.xls 0706mcpr.xls 0705mcpr.xls 0704mcpr.xls
August 0808mcpr.xls 0807mcpr.xls 0806mcpr.xls 0805mcpr.xls 0804mcpr.xls
September 0908mcpr.xls 0907mcpr.xls 0906mcpr.xls 0905mcpr.xls 0904mcpr.xls
October 1008mcpr.xls 1007mcpr.xls 1006mcpr.xls 1005mcpr.xls 1004mcpr.xls
November 1108mcpr.xls 1107mcpr.xls 1106mcpr.xls 1105mcpr.xls 1104mcpr.xls
December 1208mcpr.xls 1207mcpr.xls 1206mcpr.xls 1205mcpr.xls 1204mcpr.xls

2000-2003 MCPR - Excel files (.xls)
Month 2003 2002 2001 2000  
January 0103mcpr.xls 0102mcpr.xls 0101mcpr.xls 0100mcpr.xls  
February 0203mcpr.xls 0202mcpr.xls 0201mcpr.xls 0200mcpr.xls  
March 0303mcpr.xls 0302mcpr.xls 0301mcpr.xls 0300mcpr.xls  
April 0403mcpr.xls 0402mcpr.xls 0401mcpr.xls 0400mcpr.xls  
May 0503mcpr.xls 0502mcpr.xls 0501mcpr.xls 0500mcpr.xls  
June 0603mcpr.xls 0602mcpr.xls 0601mcpr.xls 0600mcpr.xls  
July 0703mcpr.xls 0702mcpr.xls 0701mcpr.xls 0700mcpr.xls  
August 0803mcpr.xls 0802mcpr.xls 0801mcpr.xls 0800mcpr.xls  
September 0903mcpr.xls 0902mcpr.xls 0901mcpr.xls 0900mcpr.xls  
October 1003mcpr.xls 1002mcpr.xls 1001mcpr.xls 1000mcpr.xls  
November 1103mcpr.xls 1102mcpr.xls 1101mcpr.xls 1100mcpr.xls  
December 1203mcpr.xls 1202mcpr.xls 1201mcpr.xls 1200mcpr.xls