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Fuel Reports

The Fuel Reports are monthly reports filed by generating electric utilities under the Commission's jurisdiction. The Commission Substantive Rule that applies is §25.82 (updates to §23.11 specifically, parts (d), (e), & (k)). All data is as filed by the utilities and is subject to future reconciliation during a docketed rate case or fuel reconciliation proceeding. The information contained in the reports should not be construed as advocating or necessarily reflecting any policy position of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, or any other organization. The Reports are made available for informational purposes only. The utilities have until 45 days after the reporting period to file the reports.

The Fuel Reports are composed of four (4) separate reports;

Power Plant Efficiency Report A report of net generation, fuel consumed, and reconcilable fuel expense by plant. Also purchased power and sales data.

Fuel Cost Report
A report of fuel factor related expenses by FERC account. Also tracks over/(under) collections of fuel factor revenues.

Peak Demand and Sales Report
A report of the current month's Peak Demand and Sales (kilowatt-hour, revenues, & number of bills) by class.

Fuel Purchase Report
A report of all the current month's fuel purchases (invoiced) by plant, by supplier for all types of fuel, except nuclear.

The Monthly Fuel Reports can be retrieved using the PUC Interchange.

The Control Number for each year are as follows:

Fuel Reports
Calendar Year Control Number
2021 51673
2020 50448
2019 49065
2018 48006
2017 46730
2016 45514
2015 44020
2014 42145
2013 41091
2012 40079
2011 39036
2010 37856
2009 36486
2008 35147
2007 33626
2006 32235
2005 30611
2004 29163
2003 27355
2002 25382