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PUC Central Records Filing Procedures
A must read prior to filing documents at the PUC.
Confidential Filings
Check list for submitting confidential materials to the PUC.
New Filings
A list of new filings from the last 15 days.
Online Reporting
Reports available to be filed online.
Filings Search
For repeat users to go directly to the Filings Search page.
Filings Notification System
Signup to track and receive email notifications of filings you want to follow.
Download PUC Filer
How to download and install the PUC Filer in order to upload files from your computer.
PUC Filer Instructions
Filer setup instructions and how to post a filing to the PUC.
PUC Interchange FAQ's
FAQ's for PUC Interchange Filings Retrieval System.