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Water and Sewer Utilities


The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) is responsible for the general supervision and oversight of water and sewer utility regulation. This supervision and oversight includes processing applications for certified retail water and sewer utility service areas. The PUCT also regulates retail water and sewer rates with original jurisdiction over certain rate functions and appellate jurisdiction over others.

The PUCT is also responsible for determining whether utilities have the financial and managerial capability to provide continuous and adequate water or sewer service to the public. The PUCT also offers assistance to consumers and provides oversight of submetering and allocated utility billing practices.

Tasks performed by the PUCT

Assistance for Consumers and Utilities

For inquiries about customer service and protection rules please call 512-936-7405, or contact us by email at The PUCT's Utili-Facts document titled, "Our Consumer Protection Team Can Help" provides information on how the PUCT may be able to assist various water or sewer utilities and their customers.

Financial and Managerial Review and Assistance for Retail Water and Sewer Utilities

The PUCT shall ensure that retail water or sewer utilities possess the financial, managerial and technical capability to provide continuous and adequate service and that they comply with Commission regulations. Please visit the Assistance for Public Water and Sewer Utilities page for detailed information.

Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) Service Areas

A CCN authorizes and requires utilities to provide continuous and adequate service to every customer who requests service in a certificated area. View the Rules and Guidance document for detailed information, forms and FAQs.

Establishing a New Water or Sewer Utility

Please visit the Establishing a New Water or Sewer Utility page detailing the basic steps required to determine whether there is a need to establish a new water or sewer utility.

Water and Sewer Submetering or Allocation

The Submetering or Allocation section provides a description and explanation of submetered and allocated utility billing.

Yearly Financial and Annual Reporting Requirements Submitted by Investor or Privately Owned Utilities

The PUCT is responsible for reviewing audits, financials and revenue reports submitted by investor or privately owned utilities. The following publications and forms contain information on reporting requirements:

These publications can also be found on our Forms page.

The Annual Report for each Investor or Privately Owned Utility must be filed with PUCT before June 1 of each year.

Cities That Have Surrendered Jurisdiction

The Texas Water Code (TWC) §13.042(b) allows the governing body of a municipality by ordinance to elect to have the PUCT exercise exclusive original jurisdiction over the utility rates, operation, and services of utilities, within the incorporated limits of the municipality. Under TWC §13.042(c), a municipality that surrenders its jurisdiction to the PUCT may reinstate its jurisdiction by ordinance at any time after the second anniversary of the date on which the municipality surrendered its jurisdiction to the PUCT.

The following cities have relinquished jurisdiction over rates:

  • City of Coffee City - effective 12/4/1993
  • City of Nolanville - effective 04/18/1996
  • City of Aurora - effective 04/04/1997
  • City of Arcola - effective 05/05/1998
  • City of Waco - effective 02/07/2012
  • City of San Antonio - effective 01/30/2014
  • Village of Jones Creek - effective 12/04/2014

Staff Contact and Email for the Water Supply Division

For more information please email your questions or comments to, or call our Division of Utility Outreach at 512-936-7405.

DUO is committed to help retail water and sewer public utilities to understand, navigate and achieve regulatory compliance with the PUCT.